5 The Best Orchestral VST Plugins

Music production has evolved multifold in the last two decades with the influx of technological advancement. Therefore, it has become more ambitious, experimental & daring as producers vie for larger than life soundtracks. All you need to produce professional-quality soundtracks is a suitable Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), an arsenal of tried & tested VST plugins and a certain level of musical skill and experience. The music production process has become extremely synonymous with the use of softwares. In this article, we will explore the best orchestral VST available in the market.

Orchestral music has an undeniable presence in the music & sound production domain throughout the years that has remained uncontested. Composing original orchestral sounds requires grandiose setup from an array of instruments to skillful conductors considering the financial and practical aspects. Therefore, simulating Mozart or Beethoven’s ensemble in all its glory might be out of the realm of possibility. However, some of the best orchestral VSTs in the business have made it possible to compose convincing orchestral pieces.

Orchestral VSTs are software libraries with a wide range of instruments such as violins, woodwinds, brass, percussions, strings & keyboards. The perfect amalgamation of instruments that stream through in a synchronized pattern adds a certain depth, drama and emotion in the soundtracks.

list of 5 The Best Orchestral VST:

The inclusion criteria for selecting the best orchestral VSTs is based upon certain factors, such as:

  • The extensiveness of instrument library,
  • Sound quality & authenticity 
  • System compatibility and capacity
1.    Native Instruments Komplete 11 Software Suite
best orchestral VST

Considered amongst the pioneering professional softwares, Native Instruments Komplete 11 suite is a powerful addition to any music producer’s setup. The software suite contains powerful features that fulfill all requirements of the best orchestral VST. It contains up to 45 instruments and synthesizers that includes a vast range of professional-sounding instrument samples to play with. The advanced user interface and compatibility across the board for all kinds of operating systems and DAWs makes it a great plugin. Additionally, it also runs as a stand-alone software as well. The huge selection of instruments from classical drums, traditional Indian instrument samples, and varied instruments allows for amazing orchestral composition.

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  • Extensive 25 GB of sound samples library.
  • Compatible as standalone software as well as Vst & AUs.


  • A bit pricey
  • Steeper learning curve for beginners.
2.    Spitfire Audio Albion Series
best orchestral VST

The Albion audio series from Spitfire Audio has developed a reputation as the best orchestral VST in the market. The plugin features a vast sampled library proving itself to be a great addition to home studios. The VSTs in Albion Series contains the instrument library recorded by the professionals and sounds like a real full-blown orchestra. Albion One from the series is a fantastic orchestral plugin featuring about 109 instruments with great percussions and features. Whereas, Albion V Tundra contains a hundred piece orchestra sounds featuring synths, percussion, and bellows emulating a real orchestra.

The Albion series plugins allow great versatility when it comes to creating orchestral compositions from bold & full sounds to dramatic and emotional arrangements. A smooth user interface with multiple mic positions makes it a perfect studio plugin for beginners & professionals alike.


  • Easy user interface suitable for beginners.
  • Huge sample library


  • Paid plugin
  • No individual instruments
3.    Garritan Instant Orchestra
best orchestral VST

Are you looking for an orchestral plugin that does not involve a labyrinthine setup and interface that takes hours & days to comprehend? Then the Garritan Instant Orchestra is the answer to your troubles. It is considered among the best orchestral VST when it comes to ease of use and user-friendly interface. The VST is designed for efficient use by beginners and professionals alike for its simplistic layout and easy selection modes. At an affordable budget, Garritan Instant Orchestra truly features an extensive range of complete instruments. Not only that, the powerful orchestral pack also includes amazing sound effects, choir samples, and texture overlays.


  • All-rounder Vst with instruments and choir samples
  • Highly comprehensible for beginners
  • Not-so-complicated interface


  • Limited options for advanced level musicians.
4.    EastWest Quantum Leap Hollywood Orchestra
best orchestral VST

EastWest Quantum Leap Hollywood Orchestra is a fantastic plugin for producers looking for classical sounds in their orchestra compositions. The VST plugin stay true to its identity and features classic & authentic instruments which are synonymous with the Hollywood era. The selection includes multiple strings, brass, percussions, and woodwinds with amazing set of articulations and samplers to easily access the library.


  • Compatible with Windows & Mac operating system
  • Massive orchestral library


  • Steep price point
  • Might require some hardware investment
5.    Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra

Among so many paid and heavily priced orchestral plugins, Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra is a freeware VST that stands its ground firmly. It features an impressive selection of instruments for music producers to incorporate desired orchestral compositions in their tracks. Since the plugin offers a wide array of keys, brass & strings, the creative possibilities are endless. Although, this orchestral VST might not boast a huge sonic library in comparison to other paid plugins but still provides fair creative options. Compatible with most DAWs and Windows OS in 32 & 64-bits, the plugin allows high-quality orchestral compositions. This freeware plugin is a great option for novice music producers interested in venturing into orchestral music without investing a buck.


  • Amazing for beginners
  • Free of cost VST


  • Incompatible with Mac operating system

Orchestral music has an undisputed presence in music production. While the original orchestral performances have seen a decline in recent times, the use of the orchestra in popular music is still valid. The use of orchestral hit, a variation of an orchestral piece by Stravinsky from 1910 in Bruno Mars’ track ‘Finesse’ & orchestral chorus in popular music is an indication; that orchestral music has withstood the test of times. Additionally, the boisterous presence of orchestral VSTs available in the business has resulted in easy access for producers to incorporate orchestral effects in their tracks.

Therefore, in this article, we rounded up some of the best orchestral plugins available that delivers in terms of sound authenticity, versatility & ease of use. It might not be possible to give the overly simplified verdict on the best orchestral VSTs out there. Finding the best orchestral VST depends on the many deciding factors at the music producer’s end. For instance, a novice music producer who is extremely unskilled at the use of orchestra might find Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra suitable. Whereas, a skilled music producer might opt for Native Instruments Komplete 11 & Albion series plugins. Selecting the right tools totally depends on the musician’s unique requirements for achieving the desired effect in their tracks.

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