Top 19 Best Granular Synths


The granular synth is becoming popular day by day. In 2020, the market is wide open and you can choose the best granular synth that suits you. We have discussed the best granular synths, focusing on various aspects and functions of these instruments.

list of the best granular synths:

1.    Plug and Mix – Granulizer

This is one of the popular granular synths. This exceptional granular delay effect splits incoming sounds into little grains and afterwards changes and synths them up. This plugin can give you hard, upsetting sounds and tones.

2.  Chip Electronics GR-1 Granular Synthesizer

The granular synth that has caused the most consideration as of late was likely the GR-1 from Tasty Chips Electronics. The GR-1 is an equipment polyphonic granular instrument that is operated by Raspberry Pi3. With up to 2048 grains (128 grains for every voice x 16 voices) in equal, it’s a monstrous polyphonic synth.

It includes a 32-piece synthing and HiFi stereo DAC for release, a 7″ full shading show, bolster full MIDI, USB sticks/circles, USB sound interfaces and consoles (MIDI and PC). On top, it’s conceivable to associate CV interfaces for the combination with secluded Synthesizers.

The GR-1 is particularly all around acknowledged by the artists since its interface is straightforward and hands-on planned. For every parameter of the granular engine, there is a handle thus sounds are anything but difficult to control. It’s additionally conceivable to associate a MIDI controller to the gadget to gain admittance to all parameters. Likewise, a decent element is that the GR-1 can be worked in an independent without utilizing a MIDI console.

3.     FL Studio – Fruity Granulizer

Fruity Loops has an awesome granulizer in its toolset. Fruity Granulizer is a generator plugin that uses granular synth innovation. The source material for this Granulizer is a wave sample stacked by the client. Granulizer parts a wave sample into numerous little pieces (grains) that are circled/played-back as indicated by the settings of the generator. The length and spacing of the grains can be adjusted to accomplish distinctive tonal effects.

4.    Sound Guru – The Mangle

The Mangle is an item conceived from long periods of samples with granular synth. The objective was to ‘play’ with the surge of grains melodically and expressively. This drove players to some remarkable highlights: a huge XY territory with real-time grain display. Pitch and beat locking. Genuine stereo grains and multi-timbral layering. You can loosen up rich music from acoustic sounds. Transform field chronicles into encompassing soundscapes. On the other hand, simply load some synth sounds to be recombined with complicated samples and cloud effects.

5.   Inactivity Sound Systems – Granulizer

It includes a flexible DSP engine that can go right from the metallic crunch and grainy fluffiness to smooth reverb-like tones, as well as broadening or turbulent soundscapes. The controls are intentionally kept straightforward, yet you can get an extraordinary assortment of extremely rich sounds out of this granulizer. This is the best granular synth.

6.   New Sonic Arts – Granite

best granular synths

The Granite as a sound engine that merges the best in a class granular processor, a creative balance system and a suite of per-grain FX with the outcome in musicality not accomplished before with granular synth. It is advertised as an instrument fit for makers and arrangers working in the film and game industry.

7.     Monome Norns

best granular synths

One of the most refreshing instruments that are not portrayed as granular synth yet as a mind-boggling sound PC is the Norns by Monome, designers of the Grid sequencer. Norns is a little, versatile sound PC that powerfully runs claim composed scrips and DSP codes. Scrips are composed here in a straightforward programming language called Lua.

The interface of Norns is structured: 128×64 OLED, three rotating encoders and three keys. On the backside, the gadget highlights two line-level 1/4″ inputs/yields and a 1/4″ earphone yield with gain control. Extra four USB ports for gadget and sequential TTY via USB-midi gives you a lot of choices to associate outside equipment to it.

The incredible piece of this gadget is that you can build up your engines with the assistance of the Lua language. From the processing plant, the gadget includes effectively a decent determination of various sound engines: Granulator, sample cutter, poly-synth, algorithmic drum machine, drone box, looper and polyphasic sequencer. These are only a couple of models contents that can be made and adjusted and the designer will keep up a developing archive of different contents.

8.    Hvoya Audio – Ribs

best granular synths

This is a complimentary gift stuffed with some extremely valuable highlights. You can play it as a polyphonic or monophonic synth, scratch sound samples like on a vinyl turntable. You can likewise produce complex polyrhythmic beats with custom grain estimates and transform among cadenced and vocal structures, or essentially use it as a granular FX with polyphonic capacities.

9.    StoneVoices – PolyGAS

best granular synths

Polyphonic Granular Advanced Synthesize is a free virtual synthesizer dependent on granular synthesis. It includes a 32-section polyphony and supports sound record import. It has an inbuilt manager of the bowing parameters of granular synth, 18 envelopes with 40 nodes for each envelope. There is FX like reverb and delay, all of which highlight special engines for handling.

10.     Collidoscope

best granular synths

The following granular sampler/Synthesizer is anything but a business item yet a logical work. The Collidoscope is an intuitive, community-oriented sound establishment and granular music instruments that permit members to consistently record, control and investigate certifiable sounds. It was made by Ben Bengler and Fiore Martin for a research venture at the Center of Digital Music at the Queen Mary University of London.

11.     Tracktion – BioTek 2

best granular synths

This is a powerhouse synth workstation, offering boundless sound design in a one of a kind and moving condition that empowers you to advance your sound.


12.      Mordax GXN Granular Sampler

best granular synths

The Nebulae Granular Sampler is probably going to confront rivalry this year. The Eurorack designer Mordax displayed the GXN, another granular sampler plugin for the Eurorack group. It despite everything full a work in progress, however, it will be propelled toward the finish of this current year.

Since the plugin is still a work in progress, there is as of now presently point by point data on the total list of capabilities, however, the designer has as of now give some data about it.

The GXN will be an example recorder and playback gadget that can be utilized as a conventional polyphonic player and also as mind-boggling sample granulator. It will have highlights for live cradle catch and preparing, full outer CV authority over all parameters routable through adjustment task just as inner balance sources.

13.      Glitchmachines – Polygon

best granular synths

Polygon is a sampler outfitted towards the electronic music maker and trial sound planner. Polygon’s perfect and legitimate interface, broad adjustment alternatives and unmistakable sonic characteristics make it an important apparatus for innovative sound structure for your activities. It incorporates a huge library of samples and accompanies 120 presets to begin. You can likewise stack any of your current samples to completely customize to your needs and make something new.

14.       Gechologic Loopsynth

best granular synths

The “Great Gecho Loopsynth” is most likely the littlest instrument in this choice. It is not principally a granular Synthesizer however a multi-mode open-source pocket Synthesizer that highlights a few modes. This one of a kind battery-operated instrument doesn’t utilize handles however has contactless sensors that respond to your fingers. It includes additionally extremely delicate amplifiers that can get your marking, whistling or tapping.

In the granular mode, the equipment is fit for examining as long as one second of 16-piece stereophonic sound and playing bits of it back in equal, as up to 40 grains for every ear. The remainder of the memory is saved for reverberation/circle cushion, if that is not required, sampling time can be expanded. The granular sampler mode incorporates highlights like example circling, grains length and more.

15.     Bastl Instruments microGranny 2.5

best granular synths

The primary granular instrument originates from the Czech Republic and is one of the least expensive. The Bastl Instruments microGranny 2.5 is a battery-operated monophonic granular sampler, which can be obtained in a manufactured and DIY unit adaptation.

It has a microSD card space that can read samples and store up to 60 presets in 10 sets. One point that makes the sound more uncommon is the little bitrate. The microGranny can play samples just in 8/16-piece 22050Hz mono or record samples in 8bit using the line input or locally available amplifier. It has additionally a decent number of sound parameters with which you can alter sounds in various manners like resume and pause, sample rate (tuned or free run), squash and envelope (attack released).

Using the MIDI input, players have full control over the parameters of the microGranny. It can play singular grains by various keys or transpose the samples. Due to the Arduino based innovation, propelled performers can hack it.

16.     Bastl Instruments grandPA

best granular synths

This has Bastl Instruments thought and released the grandPA that is a microGranny granular sampler for the Eurorack design. Same as the MG, the grandPA depends on the equivalent microGranny 2 sound cores. This implies you can alter for each example: sample rate, crush, grain size, move speed, attack, released, start and end position.

New and not in the unique version is the finished coordination of the engine into the Eurorack world. It has 2 trigger inputs to trigger 2 unique samples, CV input assignable to any stable parameter and a sign output. The CV input can be used to trigger grain move.

There is additionally a grandPA add-on plugin accessible with the name SPA. It’s an extension for the grandPA and includes CV inputs for practically all parameters and a clock contribution to trigger the grain shifts. The sound character has not changed in the Eurorack plugin. If you like bit-crushed sounds, at that point you are in the perfect spot. If you like perfect and appropriate sound, you should search for another granular sampler or Synthesizer.

17.      accSone – Crusher X V8

best granular synths

Crusher X is a granular polyphonic multichannel Synthesizer for sound design and exploratory music. Its incredible live granulation calculation makes exceptionally complex sounds, rambles and extraordinary encompass effects. Crusher X is utilized by sound-creators, arrangers, performers and producers everywhere throughout the world and accompanies GCOs, an Autotune and Pitch following system, up to 10-channels, up to 199 individual grain streams, novel 3D grain display, more than 3000 LFOs, more than 330 constant parameters and more than 160 presets. It is a monster and it’s an industry standard.

18.     Qu-Bit Electronix Nebulae

best granular synths

The following granular instrument is again accessible just in the plugin world. Nebulae is a granular sampler and DSP platform that can accomplish something other than granularisation. It depends on a stage vocoder sound engine that gives adaptable sound, which can be extended, granularized and ruined. All parameters that have something to with the sound control have their handle on the interface: autonomous command over pitch and speed, granular controls.

Nebulae can utilize live sound information, recorded support, or sound documents as the source material for its incredible sound controls. It’s additionally conceivable to stack up to 75 MB of stereo sound through the USB port. What’s energizing, Nebulae is not only a granular sampler but also a ground-breaking open-source DSP stage for new codes written in Pure Data, Csound, SuperCollider and even no-frills C programs. Transfer another code and you can utilize the plugin as a reverb, phantom deferral, looper, and many others.

19.      Mutable Instruments Clouds

best granular synths

If you asked the Eurorack people group over the most recent couple of years for a granular processor, one plugin was constantly referenced: Clouds by Mutable Instruments. Mists is certifiably not a granular sampler player like Nebulae or GXN however a realtime granularization device for approaching sound signals that can make large formless surfaces.

The list of capabilities is amazing: distinctive grain modes: periodical, randomized or remotely timed, grain size from 16ms to 1s, up to 60 simultaneous grains, transposition from – 2 octaves to + 2 octaves, propelled grain envelope, CV inputs for all-grain parameters, irregular panning, criticism and an inward reverb. It incorporates additionally an extremely helpful freeze button with which clients can freeze sound signals and make a plunge granular surfaces.


Here, we have discussed various aspects of the best granular synth. Hopefully, you have made your choice. Buy the best granular synth, which suits you.

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