The 10 Best VST Piano Plugins for FL Studio

Are you a newbie to music production and seeking for free piano VSTS? Well, you have come to the right place. In the following article, you will most likely discover a bunch of different free piano VSTS that you do not like before you find ones you do. There are some good options for the free Best VST Piano Plugins for FL Studio. 

Below are the free Best VST Piano Plugins for FL Studio:

Salamander Piano by Bigcat Instruments
Best VST Piano Plugins   for FL Studio

This is the latest and best plugin the free Best VST Piano Plugins for FL Studio . With this, what you will see is what you get. It is not a crazy in-depth plugin, but it is effective. This plugin does a high-quality job; however, you may run into issues with it also such as Sometimes, things going high up on the register (C5) will cause a crackling sound. Another point to note is that you may have to uninstall and reinstall sometimes as it seems to be a little unstable.

Salamander sounds warmer than most of the other choices. You will be a big fan of warm and dark sounding pianos, rather than bright. This is a model of the Yamaha C5 Grand Piano.

Relying on the DAW that you are running, this will be best for all DAWs.

KeyZone Classic – Windows and Mac
Best VST Piano Plugins   for FL Studio

It is one of the more famous free piano VSTS as it has been around and gone via some good updates. You will really like the clean interface. You will most likely require to add some EQ and reverb in order to obtain it where you need it to sound.

It comes with 5 presets that contain:

  • Piano from Keyzone 1
  • Steinway Grand Piano
  • Basic Electric Piano
  • Yamaha Grand Piano
  • Rhodes Piano

While it includes 5 presets, the Steinway and the Rhodes piano from it are best. Honestly, it sounds in an excellent way, you will actually find this one to sound pretty decent. There may be a minor hissing sound on A and A# on the Steinway piano. You can hear this while recording and while doing solos, it is a little annoying, but it is free. As far as Keyzone goes overall, this is a super solid option to test the waters and get your feet wet.

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The Grand DSK Piano – Windows and Mac
Best VST Piano Plugins   for FL Studio

The DSK Grand piano is the best free piano VST that and it is definitely useable. There will be few people who rip on it, but for a free option, it is easy to use and gets the work done. It is available for both Windows and Mac (32 and 64 bit). One thing you will note is that few people complain about specific notes distorting. However, if you will use it you will not face any kind of problem. The low end can obtain a little bit jumbled, but it is not the end of the world. The mid’s appear pretty decent, which is where most of your playing will be. You will definitely wish to dial in some EQ and reverb for this. This is a pretty new VST as it came out about two years ago. it definitely gets the work done for new producers and producers on a budget.

Versilian Upright – Windows and Mac
Best VST Piano Plugins   for FL Studio

After using you might truly rate this as your favorite free piano VST plugin. It also comes with the best story. A student of Berklee made the decision to mic up and record a few upright pianos in the basement of a dorm. What we obtain is what his results were. This is the most realistic sounding free piano VST that is currently available. If you are a fan of upright pianos or grew up on them, you will love it. Right out of the gates, this sounds great than all of the other free piano plugins that you have used. You can add a small bit of reverb and sustain and it should begin sounding good quite rapidly. Versilian Upright is a better choice for a free option and it should certainly be on your radar of plugins to try. It is a simple download and there is a great chance you enjoy it.

Piano One – Windows & Mac
Best VST Piano Plugins   for FL Studio

Piano One is a better choice and it really uses a very popular piano i.e. the Yamaha C7 Concert Grand. This has been utilized all over the world and it is the best sounding piano. What you will really like about this is that they updated to occupy up less memory and they made it have fast load times. The interface is also simple to navigate as well and you can rapidly add effects like reverb. While the interface on this is not the most attractive to look at, it is simple and easy to use and you will be able to change what you want. Piano One sounds actually warm. If you think that warm pianos sound better than bright pianos then this one sounds really warm and that is a big plus to it. Piano One is a solid option if you enjoy warm pianos. It is not, however, super-bright that can lead to cheap-sounding plugins. Since it is difficult to emulate an actual piano, overly bright plugins can frequently sound thin and stale.

Dead Duck Audio Dpiano – Windows and Mac
Best VST Piano Plugins   for FL Studio

When the matter comes to user experience, Dead Duck Audio delivers in this field. You obtain a rather simple interface that is easier to navigate, even for learners. With this being said, there are no piano keys to look at or click on. What you will really like about this plugin is that you are able to tweak presets and immediately save them as your own. This is handy for those people who are hands-on and actually like to tweak things. Also, this plugin is not so common, that a lot of people will know this one, yet. However, it has the ability and it will become a famous free option though. The straight-up presets will not your favorites may be; however, you can tweak them to your liking with great. As far as dynamics go, this plugin is capable to capture dynamics surprisingly. Overall, this plugin absolutely deserves a peak.

Ivy Audio Piano In 162 -Windows and Mac

The Ivy Audio piano plugin is one of the best sounding free options to date. The one downside here is that it needs the full version of Kontakt in order to run. With this thing said, if you are having Kontakt, you may have discovered your winner. The interface really rocks and it also has a piano on it, so you can look the keys play as your MIDI plays. You can also adjust specific parameters while doing playback. There are three different options that you can tweak in the interface, those being: reverb, EQ, and damping. They all operate as they should and you can also utilize your own external plugins for these impacts should you choose. The Ivy Audio plugin, in fact, sounds really nice. It is a bit brighter than some of the other options, yet it still contains the low-end nicely. This is a Steinway and Sons Model B and this is a very costly piano that has been sampled. If you have the complete version of Kontakt, this is a free option that you should not pass up. The dynamics are some of the best that you will find in a free option and you can obtain very expressive with your playing.

City Piano – Windows and Mac
Best VST Piano Plugins   for FL Studio

City Piano is a famous option that does not have much to it. You obtain attack, sustain, decay, and release controls as well as panning and volume. The interface is easier to navigate as there is not much to it. There is also a piano on the interface that lets you see the notes that are being played. This plug is created by Bigcat Audio, the similar makers for the Salamander plugin. Maybe, you prefer the Salamander over this; however, this is another good option to check out. The City Piano is actually a sampled Baldwin baby grand piano. The mics that were utilized to capture the samples were high-quality and Baldwin pianos have a better dark undertone that you will really enjoy. City Piano sounds best overall. This is another one of those choices that could work if you are wanting something fast to test out the waters on a song. Overall, this is one of the best plugins that are worth checking out. There are a few that are good free options, however, everybody has their own things that they like as far as with plugins.

Jazz Baby – Windows

Jazz Baby is an older, still solid option. The one downside about this VST is that it is only for 32 bits. This is a small download that does not take up much space and it is easier for computers to run it. As far as tweaking goes, you really do not have several things to tweak on the interface. You can also easily use any of your own effects on it in order to obtain it to your satisfaction. Jazz Baby is a sampled upright piano that provides you a vibe of a jazz piano bar. It sounds particularly good when playing the blues or jazz pieces and it almost contains a bit of a honky-tonk sound to it. There are some limitations and it does not operate on Macs. As far as sound concerned, it is a decent look at a free choice.

VGP Grand Piano – Windows

The VGP grand piano is a free option that is comprised of a nice user interface. The customization that you are capable to do is what sets it apart from specific plugins. This plugin only operates with Windows, so if you are a Mac user, you will not be able to use it. As far as the presets concerned, there are 40 of them. Some of them do not sound the greatest, however, you can tweak them to your liking with great ease. VGP competes with the other choices mentioned in this article and it beats some of these plugins as well. It is a brighter sounding piano, so if you are into bright pianos, you may try this one. This is 32 bit and it does not work with Macs. If you are running Windows, this could be the best option to check out. One of the great things about it is that it is a small download and easy on computer storage.


There are many types of different Best VST Piano Plugins for FL Studio that you can try out. However, it is advised to try these the plugins mentioned in our list and keep trying more out as you go. Something might strike you as best, even if others do not enjoy it.

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