The 13 Best VST Plugins For FL Studio

FL Studio is a great digital audio workstation. If you’re looking to create amazing music on a computer without a problem, this is the right tool to use. The barebones app is amazing, but the fact that you can also add VST plugins makes it even better. It’s just a matter of finding the right tools you can use and you will find it very impressive and rewarding. With that in mind, we encourage you to check these great VST plugins and see how you can use them with this DAW today.

List of The Best VST Plugins For FL Studio :

Steinberg Model E

There’s a lot of stuff to love about Steinberg Model E. What makes this one unique is that it’s free of charge and great for bass. It will bring in fat riffs without a problem. Moreover, it’s low on CPU usage which is always important, and it has the richness and warmness that a lot of people really want to enjoy from a VST plugin. It’s actually a great plugin to use if you love working with FL Studio and feel the need for more bass. It’s well worth checking out and you will find it very consistent and convenient. A lot of drummers enjoy it, and you can also add some drums and bass to your project with this one if you want.

Diva VST

Diva is also very focused on bass, but it does come with cool features like mixing and matching panels, custom layout, per-voice oscillator detuning, amazing bass sounds, a huge library of effects and warmness. That being said, it’s not a free product. If anything it will be very expensive and that’s something to take into consideration. This one will work great if you’re more into analog sounds for the most part. It will offer a tremendous result and quality while also pushing the boundaries and trying out something new and different. Rock producers actually found this really useful, which says a lot about the quality of this VST plugin.

FuzzPlus 3

FuzzPlus 3 is a nice VST plugin for FL Studio that can mostly be used by pop punk and punk bands in general. It works well with guitars, you can change the frequency and rest filter, you can add some distortion and output feedback or levels. It’s a very creative one and it works a lot better than you might imagine. You do need to test it out for yourself and you will find it to work in an amazing way. The Decapitator VST sounds great too, but this one is free and it will work great with FL Studio. So you might want to at least give it a try for yourself to see how it works.


This is a very good 7 band parametric equalizer. And it even has spectral analysis. It’s pretty complex and a cool thing about it is that it manages to offer you filter slopes, band types, EQ sliders, band tokens and many others. It’s designed with a true focus on value and quality, it’s immersive and a pleasure to use, and it also features a lot of adaptability and great attention to detail. You will definitely appreciate the exquisiteness of this piece, not to mention that it pushes the boundaries more than you would ever imagine. You do need to test it out for yourself and you will find that it does offer a tremendous experience every time you use it.

Sound Goodizer

There are lots of reasons why you want to use Sound Goodizer. It’s a stereo maximizer and enhancer plugin. This works seamlessly and you will find that you can easily adjust it to your own needs. It’s based on the Maximum soundprocess engine and it will work for a variety of situation. Moreover, it just comes with 2 parameters, so the fact that you can fully customize it really makes this one a very good option and a rewarding experience, all without having to worry about any challenges that can arise. Do keep in mind that it also has its own documentation, and that will be very creative and helpful.

Fruity Stereo Shaper

Fruity Stereo Shaper has some cool ideas like phase invert for one or two channels, mixer channel control, isolating channels, adding in effects as needed, stereoizing mono inputs and so on. The tool is very simple to adjust and customize, and you will find that it works better than you might imagine. Of course it’s a great product to try out, and you will love the attention to detail and incredible value. Just consider trying it out experience if you are very focused on mixing music at the highest possible level. It’s rewarding and just one of the coolest pieces that you can adjust and optimize at your own pace, that’s for sure.

Gross Beat

This is a time manipulation system that works extremely well. You can play around with volume manipulation too. Gross Beat also includes gating, scratching and repetition effects. You want to use it if you like working with effects in general and you need something very comprehensive. It will deliver live or automated performance. Plus, the interface is simple and convenient, and you can do repeats, scratches or stutter performances very quickly. You just have to test it out for yourself and it will be more than enough for any of your FL Studio projects. That alone makes it a great purchase. and this one it is The 13 Best VST Plugins For FL Studio in our expatriation and you will see a lot of of producers in world use this VST.


Decapitator is a very popular distortion plugin. A lot of people love the way it sounds on Synths and the fact that you can add in some drums and vox for additional value really helps a lot. This is actually one of the most popular distortion plugins that you can find on the market. It offers smooth distortion, heavy grit and it just has a plethora of cool and different options for you to explore. It’s a bit expensive, true, but then again if you are serious about creating music, it will pay for itself in the long run.

Voxengos Tempo Delay

As the name suggests, this is a great tempo delay tool that helps you fully customize your music and take it to the next level. It has things like tremob, filters, delay and gain, as well as tempo and many others. This is a great tool especially if you are passionate about creating amazing music with VST plugins and it can work very well for you. All you have to do is to check it out for yourself, and you will notice that it works super nicely.

Imperial Delay

Created by Digital Labs, this VST plugin looks and feels very professional. On top of that, it’s rather affordable which means anyone will be able to use it in any way they see fit. The sound quality is great and you can add modulation, color and other things to the sound without a problem. It can also help you deep dive into effects, while also being extremely creative and consistent. You do want to at least test it out for yourself and once you do that it might be well worth the effort.


MJCUjr works with most DAWs and the best part is that it helps with make up, compress and time constants. It will help you compress sound very easily and the attention to quality is outstanding in this product. It’s certainly the type of product that you will like because it’s very consistent, convenient and it comes with all the bells and whistles that you need right away. Overall, it’s a great approach and tool that you should use right away if you like free compression plugins.

New York Compressor

As the name suggests, this is a compression plugin and honestly it works very well especially in FL Studio. If you want to have a punchy and just overall nice drum tone, this is definitely the option that you want to consider all the time. Sound quality is great and overall it just shows that you are receiving a tremendous experience and unique results without a problem. Just give it a try and you will find that it works more than you might imagine.


Dexed is a modular synth plugin. It’s actually very complicated and it does bring in with a lot of bells and whistles. Yet despite the overly complicated look, this will impress you with how resilient and simplistic it can be. Yes, it will take a little to get used to it, but for the most part it will be a rather appealing and extremely convenient tool for you to use.

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FL Studio has its fair share of amazing VST plugins. If you are passionate about working with FL Studio, you have plenty of options for you to consider. They work really well and they will bring in front some nice ways to boost your sound quality. Some of these VST plugins are focused on compression, others offer distortion, others are synth plugins. You just have to find the right one that suits your style and your needs. You have to give them a try and you will be very happy with their results!

so that it was our list of The 13 Best VST Plugins For FL Studio

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