The 15 Best VST Plugins

Musicians have constantly loved a healthy dosage of sonic possibilities and as several different methods of treating their sounds as probable. People in other trades may be amazed at how vast the audio plugin industry is, however when you ponder the number of guitar impacts pedals, studio impacts and slight variations on acoustic instruments that been before the digital revolution, it begins to make more sense, these are tools for creation and expression and are not just tools. Below we have made a list The Best VST Plugins.

  • Reaktor (Native Instruments)
  • Omnisphere (Spectrasonics)
  • LABS (Spitfire Audio)
  • Serum (Xfer Records)
  • XO (XLN Audio)
  • Superior Drummer (ToonTrack)
  • VocalSynth (iZotope)
  • SPAN (Voxengo)
  • Pro-Q (FabFilter)
  • Diva (u-he)
  • ValhallaRoom (ValhallaDSP)
  • Virtual Mix Rack (Slate Digital)
  • OTT (Xfer Records)
  • Ozone (iZotope)
  • ShaperBox (Cableguys)
Reaktor (Native Instruments)

Price: £169

Perhaps the ultimate plugin, Reaktor allows you patch virtual signal together at the component level to make anything from a simple delay to a full-on workstation tool. But that does not mean you require a whole degree to get going with Reaktor. you can utilize prebuilt tool or effect ‘ensembles’, few of which are free via Reaktor’s user library, and mid-level modular-style parts in the form of Blocks. Version 6 opens with the option of patch, play or make setups. Play permits you to launch a whole Reaktor instrument or effect, such as those build by Native Instrument (Monark, Rounds, Forms, etc.) or by 3rd parties. Patch allows you to command a modular-style setup using virtual patch cables. Some 3rd-party tools and effects are useable with the free Reaktor Player, as its Blocks Base, an assembly of modular parts made by NI to help you get began in the Reaktor’s Play view. Not only does Reaktor enable you to operate with a vast variety of pre-made instruments, but you can also break them down to the component level and make your own formulations, or use it as a complete modular system.

Omnisphere (Spectrasonics)

Price: 499$

Spectrasonics’ producer favorite is constantly growing, simply like its better sounds. The idea behind Omnisphere has always been to give you the best probable sound straight out of the box, but also to provide a vast amount of control over other features of the sound. For those who do not know, Spectrasonics frontman Eric Persing is one of the top sound designers of the world, having functioned as a sound designer for Roland on synths like the Juno-106, D-50, and loads more.


Price: Free

Since the announcement of the LABS series over a year before, the platform of free tools continues to grow. Approaching from Spitfire Audio, the artisanal samplers of orchestral tools, you can fundamentally guarantee the sound quality here.

Once you have got the LABS plugin shell, you can utilize it to run any of the rising number of LABS tools available from Spitfire. Some of the tools such as Soft Piano, Synth Pads, Peel Guitar, Music Box, Dulcimer, Amplified Cello Quartet, Drums, etc. and somehow, they are all totally free.

The control surfaces of the LABS tools are scant, but as always, it is the sound that really counts, and the sound quality during the range is completely off the charts.


Price: $189

Probably the most successful synth of the modern age, Serum is the present king of softsynths and does not appear to be stepping down from the throne anytime quickly. So, what is so good about this plugin?

The serum has 2 wavetable oscillators that can import custom sounds, a nice filter, up to 8 draw-your-own LFOs, envelopes and a complete bank of in-built effects. The feature list goes further, but these basics are arranged so spontaneously and sound so good, that Serum has created its true place at the top of the synth tree. Serum’s several famous users and its vast range of preset waveforms and modulators have helped it develop a go-to virtual tool for producers the world over.

XO (XLN Audio)

Price: €180

This drum machine from the creators of Addictive Drums takes a new approach to selecting sounds, laying them in a virtual place for easy, visual browsing and auditioning. Characteristics such as shortlisting, hot swapping and easy identification of alike sounds make replacing one hit with another candidate sounds a whole breeze.

So sound selection is simple and easy as pie, but there is more to XO that helps make it one of the most completely featured drum machines out there. The plugin’s sequencer section provides several pattern lanes and A/B versions, as well as a neat minute Accentuator that aids add dynamics to your rhythms. The normal drum machine controls tuning, velocity sensitivity and so on, as well as effects. Knowing that you can easily leave your sequence and try replacing specific elements within the handy browser makes XO very flexible. XO’s export choices are also immensely easy, permitting you export audio or MIDI files of the whole beat or individual elements, processed or unprocessed. 

Superior Drummer (Toontrack)

Price: €269 – €349

Standing at above 230GB of raw samples, boasting 7 kits with 25 snares and 16 kicks, Superior Drummer has obtained to be the final word in getting great acoustic drums in your DAW. You can also import own drum samples into Superior Drummer to have it play them back.

So why such a big library? For these 6 kits, Toontrack has sampled all at a vast level of detail, at several velocity layers, with round-robin choices so no 2 successive samples sound the same, and with rods, brushes, and mallets additionally to just sticks.

Superior Drummer also contains 350 electronic drum sounds from drum machines, so there will pretty be something for everybody here. 

VocalSynth (Izotope)

Price: $199

Regardless of the name, VocalSynth is, in fact, an effects plugin, specialized for making effects that we relate with vocals, thanks to 5 main processors and some further effects. The Vocoder module offers you the classic vocoder sound, and Talkbox applies the same effect to the hardware of the similar name, without requiring you to stick a tube in the mouth. Compuvox gives truly vocal the tinge of early digital speech synths utilizing bit reduction and more. Polyvox provides harmonization and vocal doubling to create thicker vocal sounds, offering chorus effects at short levels, and full-on extensive doubletracking at higher levels. Biovox models the human voice and permits you to provide other sources a tinge of actual speech. You can put all 5 effects together as single or any combination. Just as significant to VocalSynth’s sounds are the effects. While there are run-of-the-mill vocal effects such as Chorus, Filter, and Delay, you also obtain more left-field choices like Distort, Transform, Ring Mod, and Shred. These effects are re-orderable so make yourself a tricked-out vocal chain.

Span (Voxengo)

Price: Free

The one plugin that does not make or process sound, Span is a visual analyzer that offers you real-time info on the frequency content and level of everything you pipe through it. Utilized on a mix channel, Span can help you recognize where the power is or is not in a sound. Utilized on the master bus, it can give you a critical vision into the tonal balance and loudness of a whole tune. Span’s immensely rapid and easy to use, and the fact that it is free cannot hurt anyone. 

Pro-Q (FabFilter)
best  vst plugins

Price: £134

FabFilter’s Pro-Q has always been the final word in EQ plugins, and version 3 takes things to heights that were previously unheard of in the world of mix engineering. It begins with the completely digital graphic interface and spectrum readout, from which you can just click to make a band. And if you are not sure where your mix might advantage from some EQ notches, you can hold the mouse over the spectrum and obtain some suggestions for bands to pull down rapidly and easily. Pro-Q’s bands can also be completed dynamic, as of version 3, and you can show info about potentially masked or masking frequencies from a sidechain signal or any other instance of Pro-Q 3 in a project. All of this not to mention the vast range of filter kinds available, separate control over mid/sidebands, and several more features that make this plugin the ultimate EQ. 

Diva (U-HE)

Price: €179

Ever desired to take the best parts from one analog synth, and join them together with the most significant parts of another? Diva allows you do just that, modeling few of synth history’s most appreciated circuits inside a single synth. Diva provides oscillators from the Moog Minimoog, Roland Jupiter-6 and -8, Roland Alpha Juno and the Korg MS-20 among others. Diva’s filters are also obtained from these synths, as well as from the Oberheim SEM, and the envelopes model the Minimoog, the Roland Juno and Jupiter ranges. H-HE has also extended the choices of all these filters, adding further capabilities, slopes and other developments throughout. It all adds up to a system that can make anyone’s dream synth, with advanced circuit modification probable in a separate tab.

ValhallaRoom (ValhallaDelay)
best  vst plugins

Price: $50

All the Valhalla reverb plugins (containing the most recent, ValhallaDelay) are classics of music production, and for better reason. These digital reverbs have been designed by ear to sound great, and they have a convenient price tag of $50. With its 12 reverb modes and control over the parameters of both the early and late reflections of the reverb signal, ValhallaRoom offers you all you require to come up with a great-sounding reverb each time.

Virtual Mix Rack (Slate Digital)
best  vst plugins

Price: $15/MO

If you are into analog emulation, plugins that provide you the sounds of classic compressors, EQs and other studio effects as closely as thinkable, without the enormous price tag. You will enjoy what Slate Digital has to provide. As the name suggests, Virtual Mix Rack is a modular rack where you can enclose and reorder a collection of plugins. Compressors like the FG-401, FG-116, FG-S, FG-N are here among other processors. All aping the studio hardware that obtained fame after its use on so several hit tracks. In fact, the way people tend to pay for Slate Digital plugins gives you every single plugin created by Slate Digital. For the worth of VMR, you also get Slate’s Virtual Tape Machines, Virtual Buss Compressors, and even a few processors made by other companies. 

OTT (XFER Records)
best  vst plugins

Price: Free

This effects plugin from the creators of Serum is an exercise in mimicking a definite, esoteric effect, a specific preset from Ableton Live’s Multiband Dynamics processor that truly pushes sounds to the advanced level. OTT gives that effect to users of other DAWs, and it is completely free. There are Low, Mid and High bands in OTT, and each allows you dial in compression or expansion, utilizing the interface’s central colored vars. You can adjust the depth of OTT’s effect, the time that the dynamics processing really takes to kick in, and present upward compression and downward expansion.

Ozone (iZotope)
best  vst plugins

Price: $249/$499

In version 9, iZotope’s Ozone software has passed years re-defining the procedure of mastering music, having gone from being the bane of mastering engineers to a faithful helper for various of them. Ozone is a single plugin that permits you to load up EQ, Dynamics, Maximizer, Imager, Dynamic EQ, Spectral Shaper, and Vintage Limiter, EQ and Tape modules. It also provides extra, giving track referencing features, master support to gain a beginning point for a project, dithering, codec preview, and more. Reliant on whether you obtain the Elements, Standard or Advanced packages.

ShaperBox (CableGuys)
best  vst plugins

Price: $170

ShaperBox takes in 5 components that all have some points in common, they are shown across a graph, with a drawable curve that shows the movement of the main parameter of every effect. So, with the Volume module loaded up in ShaperBox, you can make a curve as if it is an LFO joined to the track’s volume. The other shapers present in ShaperBox are Pan, Width, Filter, and Time. Each can be divided into several bands of operation, can have its rate and timing messed with, and there are preset curve forms as well as whole preset setups that use several shapers in a whole configuration. It is the Time Shaper that can be one of the most inventive processors here, with its capability to do tape stop, scraping and time-bending effects, reliant on how you make the curve. A small goes a long way, because of the preset curves given, it is easy and fun to obtain a beginning point for a few inventive time-twisting.


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