The 16 Best Auto tune VST Plugins

Best Auto tune Plugins

Auto-Tune is popular and almost all are using it. From minor pitch correction to some better robotic sounds, pitch correction software can be very useful. Auto-Tune plugins are used to obtain various effects and you don’t require to spend high forE the Pro version of the Software or plugins since there are various free plugins also available as well as paid. Below are some of the best Auto tune VST Plugins.

List Of The 16 Best Auto tune VST Plugins:

1) Graillion 2

Best Auto tune Plugins

It is a Vocal Live Changer that contains the best features. With its Pitch-Tracking Modulation, which is perfect to Graillon 2, this auto tune plugin will change the type of speakers, create throat sounds, make choruses, generate octave sounds, enriches a voice to make it masculine in a better way.

2) GSnap

It is Free VST pitch-correction. And you can use it easily. You need to use subtle settings to nudge off-key vocals back in line. Extreme settings can make sounds such as the famous T-Pain or Cher effect. MIDI control mode lets you fit a recording to a new melody.

3) Autotalent

Autotalent is the best real-time pitch correction auto-tune VST plugin. This plugin makes sure that only the specific notes are hit. Also, you can use this tool to make Cher-like vocal impacts, or also use it as a pitch-shifting or pitch correction audio effect. You will have to disable multiprocessor support in your VST host for it to operate.

4) 4 Band Shifter

Best Auto tune Plugins

It is a free 4-band VST Plugin that can independently shift the pitch of 4 adjacent, user-definable frequency bands, Also the range of Pitch correction goes from -12 semitones to +12 semitones.

5) Son of a Pitch

Best Auto tune Plugins

It is an audio pitch-bend effect. The pitch of the incoming signal is controlled by the pitch knob or by a sync to host LFO. The pitch knob will range from +3 octaves to -3 octaves. The effect also contains an LFO controlled filter section. There are 3 filters to pick from, 2 SV filters and a Butterworth filter. Filters are bypassed by sending the signal straight to the pitch bender.

6) Autotune Evo

Best Auto tune Plugins

Autotune Evo offers 2 different approaches to pitch correction. For many pitch problems, this plugin’s Automatic Mode immediately detects the pitch of the input, recognizes the closest pitch in a user-specified scale.

7) VstSpeek

Best Auto tune Plugins

This plugin is a free vocal synthesis tool for remaking the old school robotic text to speech we all like. You will select a preset, type any text and let’s speak then.

  • Trigger the speech with the help of MIDI keyboard (velocity-sensitive)
  • Use MIDI pitch bend
  • Modify original pitch/mouth/throat parameters while it is speaking

8) MAutoPitch

Best Auto tune Plugins

It is a simple but best-sounding automatic pitch correction plugin made for vocals and other monophonic tools. Besides creating the audio more in-tune, this plugin also offers creative features for example format shift and stereo-expansion.

9) Multiply

It is a free and versatile chorus effect plugin with the best twist. Every simulated voice is managed with a phase randomizing filter so that unpleasant comb filter impacts are avoided. The effect is used to simulate the effect of various performers playing the similar tones simultaneously.

10) Old Skool Verb

This plugin is an algorithmic reverberation for specialized music production applications and other uses.

  • Plate, room, and hall reverbs
  • Undo or redo history
  • All sample rates support
  • Stereo processing
  • A/B comparisons
  • Zero processing latency
  • Preset manager

11) DSP 2 Vocal

Best Auto tune Plugins

This plugin is a high precision insert effect for vocal processing. This plugin is comprised of specific features that are simply great. It is designed as easy to understand solution for all your vocal processing requirements.

  • Intelligent Dynamic Processor (IDP).
  • 4 automatic operative modes.
  • Selectable compression ratio.
  • Saturator with 3 different operation modes.
  • EQ fixed on vocal key frequencies.
  • The room emulator is based on the Schroeder reverb model.
  • Transparent increment of the volume level.
  • High precision input or output VU-meter.
  • Low CPU usage.

12) Vocal King

Best Auto tune Plugins

It is available for both windows and mac. The pres compressor knob is the key workhorse of the Vocal King. Changing the pres knob turns up the gain and brings out the presence in the vocal along with providing it a smooth compression.

13) EasyVox

Best Auto tune Plugins

This plugin can be used with great simplicity for vocals. It has:

  • Dynamic mono vocal compressor, limiter, and enhancer
  • 3 bands equalizer
  • Auto gain & Pre-Limiter
  • Auto Noise gate
  • Auto Band-off

14) Vocal Finalizer

It is made for holding Vintage and Modern Characters. It contains simplicity, vast range usability and time-saving properties that are crafted carefully, used to provide you everything you require to reach a final ready to mix vocal sound from a raw vocal track. It has the following:

  • Simplified controls, a lot of creative possibilities.
  • 3 kinds of Vocal Specific Compressor/Limiter unit.
  • 3 kinds of Vocal Specific Tempo sync stereo delay unit.
  • 3 kinds of Vocal Specific High Definition Reverb unit.
  • 3 kinds of Vocal Specific Stereo Doubler – Chorus modulation unit

15) VocEQPro

It is a special vocal equalizer. It is designed for musical requirements – you simply need to type in your lyrics, and play on your MIDI keyboard. It is a true synthesizer, the sound is widely modified for easy and expressive performances. Voice banks come in several styles and licenses.

16) Auto-Tune Access

Best Auto tune Plugins

This plugin is a much reasonable plugin from Antares. It is really a budget-friendly choice if you want to venture into the Antares auto tune ecosystem. The plugin provides a better and simplified interface to correct and smooth over the pitch problems in your vocals. It uses knob style features to distort or humanize and retune the vocals with several degrees of control. It is appropriate for studio recordings, and live performances sans any delay or latency problems.

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