The 17 Best Free Synth VST Plugins

Synthesizers are the spine of each electronic music producer’s arsenal. These are a lot of best free synthesizer VST plugins available in the market for digital audio workstations on MAC and PC. The synth VST mentioned in this article are not listed in any special order. Each VST plugin given in the article contains at least one brilliant feature that makes it best compared to other free synth plugins out there.

List of Best Free Synth VST Plugins:

Surge by Vember Audio
Best Free Synth Vst Plugins

It is the best free synth VST plugin right now. It is a strong hybrid subtractive synth having a dual synthesis engine, 8 algorithms per oscillator, 3 oscillators per voice, 2 multi-mode filters with 8 filter types, 12 LFO modules per voice, 8 FX slots with 10 different effects, and much more. The oscillators contain frequency modulation, wavetable synthesis, classic analog waveforms, and can use the audio input as the sound source. A modulation matrix as a strong preset manager is also included. In its recent updates, Surge has a completely-resizable user interface that can fit to any screen.

And talking about updates, Surge is getting a lot of improvements with bug fixes and new features. The programmers who are presently developing the plugin are updating it daily. Music producers who desire to use the latest version of this plugin can access the nightly builds as well. It is free to download and use. However, it was not always free to use before. it was priced at €99 when Vember Audio first declared it back in 2006. It was not unless Sept 2018 that Surge became open-source for users.

Tyrell N6 by U-He
Best Free Synth Vst Plugins

There was Tyrell N6 Before Surge. It was developed by Urs Heckmann, the DSP programming maestro who also made virtual synth classics such as Zebra2 and Diva. Additionally, Tyrell N6’s follows the blueprint offered by forum members who joined forces to make a concept for their perfect synthesizer. Tyrell N6 is a virtual tool that deserves to be in each music producer’s synth arsenal. At Tyrell core, there are dual oscillators with an additional noise generator and ring modulation. The synth also has a couple of snappy ADSR envelopes, a pair of host-sync able LFO modules with 8 waveforms, a twin filter design from an early prototype of U-He Diva. The synth contains over 500 presets, and there are lots of free sound banks available online. Before Tyrell, there were Podolski and Zebralette.


Best Free Synth Vst Plugins

The download of Helix will be a trial but it is completely functional. Sometimes, the trial version makes some unwanted noise or sometimes floats out of tune, but it is still a free and strong tool every synth lover should try. The helix’s site download page tells you that it will offer you solid basses, Soaring leads, and glimmering pads. However, it is also the best synth vst plugin. Try this synth tool now for some rewarding tweaking today.

Dexed by Digital Suburban

Following a couple of tools depending on subtractive synthesis, let’s mention the best FM synthesizer to the list. The great free FM synthesizer available for you right now is Dexed. It is an exact emulation of the most popular hardware FM keyboard ever, which is the classic Yamaha DX7. Its emulation is so exact that the plugin can be utilized to load DX7 presets, as long as you have a SysEx manager handy and a DX7 patch editor.

The feature of this tool resembles the Yamaha DX7 with some extra perks of being a software synthesizer. Most prominently, all 144 parameters are available for DAW automation right from the front panel. The user interface will take some time to get used to it, particularly for users who are not aware of FM synthesizers. If you discover that FM synthesis is too complex but still desire to try something different, make sure to check out Digits 2 which is a free phase distortion synthesizer and it will emulate the Casio CZ-101 keyboard.

VCV Rack by VCV
Best Free Synth Vst Plugins

VCV Rack is a free modular synth plugin. It is standalone only, but an unofficial port known as VeeSeeVSTRack will allow you to use it as a synth VST plugin in your favorite digital audio workplace. Users who desire the power of a virtual modular synthesizer in a bit more compact package need to check out ModulAir by Full Bucket Music. If you are completely new to the world of modular synthesis, ModulAir can be a valuable learning tool before moving on to a modular synthesizer that is VCV Rack.

Charlatan by Blaukraut Engineering

When the thing comes to synth VST plugins, Charlatan is the actual definition of simplicity. Charlatan contains a barebones subtractive synthesis engine with 2 oscillators, 2 ADSR envelopes, a single multi-mode filter, an LFO module, and unison. However, the plugin’s lifelike oscillators, snappy envelopes, and fat resonant filters make it a great tool for making analog synthesizer sounds that sound trustworthy. If lightweight synthesizers are things you like, make sure to check out Deducktion as well. This lovely small synth does not match Charalatan’s great sound character. However, it has an equally streamlined user interface and a far stronger modulation section.

Tunefish 4
Best Free Synth Vst Plugins

It is a free vst synth plugin that can make just about anything: leads, pads, bass or any other great sound your track requires. You should think of it as your own synthesizer swiss army knife. It contains something for pretty much each synth situation. You should give it a try also.


Scorpius Synth is also one of the best free synths’ plugins. Now it appears somewhat confusing first, but this synth plugin dishes out some decent sounds. Scorpius contains some best presets to get you going unless you figure out the controls to begin designing some sounds of your own. A lot of the sounds contain a retro feeling to them that can motivate your next soundtrack or song.

T-Force Alpha Plus

Although this plugin does not contain the big preset library, however, it comes with the ability to make your own. A built-in trance gate, several filters, side-chain, and 3 oscillators will allow you to create different sounds without depending on external impacts.


Tunefish Synth is another one of the best free synth plugins. The sound created from this synth holds its perfect characteristics. From the way a sound is made to the way, the effects are programmed, producing something stand out from other synths will not be difficult.

Combo Model F
Best Free Synth Vst Plugins

Sometimes the undisclosed part to a banging track is the organ in the basement of your grandma. Combo Model F is great and best for those times, and all the other times you want to have a fun little organ sound. You can take it for a rip and do not look back. Give it a try now.

Muon Tau Bassline

 It is modeled after the Roland 303. This tiny but strong VST synth offers you that sweet 303 basses we all know and like it. You should put it in your DAW and reap all the bass advantages from one of the most iconic pieces of analog gear acknowledged to music.

Synth1 by Ichiro Toda
Best Free Synth Vst Plugins

It is a legendary freeware synthesizer VST plugin that has been around for a long time. Ichiro Toda released the 1st edition of this plugin on Oct 9, 2002. According to Wikipedia, it is one of the most downloaded plugins of all time. Still, in spite of its age, Synth1 stays a relevant virtual tool. The 3 things that make Synth1 prominent are its features digital sound, low CPU hit, and the plenty of freely downloadable presets. There are lots of Synth1 sound banks that you can download free of charge from its site, some of them were crafted by renowned professional sound designers. Synth1 actually emulates the Nord Lead 2 synthesizer. It contains 3 main oscillators and one sub-oscillator, an arpeggiator, a multi-mode filter, 2 LFO modules, 2 envelopes, and various built-in effects. Its sound flavor is decently digital and relatively tame if compared with VA synthesizers that try hard to sound analog. Its unobtrusive sonic character makes Synth1 appropriate for layering on top of another tool in a busy mix.

PG-8x by ML-VST

PG-8x emulates the Roland JX-8P hardware synthesizer. It comes amazingly close to its analog counterpart, both in terms of sound features and character. Music producers seeking 80s analog sounds need to look at this plugin. With its fat bass sounds, warm pads, and analog leads, PG-8x is the free synth VST plugin of choice for vaporwave, synthwave, and other 80s-inspired electronic music genres. If you want more analog synthesis nostalgia, you should take a look at the OB-Xd virtual synthesizer plugin by discoDSP. This plugin emulates the Oberheim OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8 hardware synthesizers. The filter of OB-Xd sounds better that it was also utilized in Dexed, the FM synthesizer that is mentioned earlier.

TAL-NoiseMaker by Togu Audio Line

It is a versatile free synth VST plugin with dual oscillators, 2 LFO modules, a multi-mode filter, and a set of built-in effects. Its prominent feature is the freely editable envelope module. You can use its custom envelope as a complex LFO shape for modulating the oscillator tune, output volume, filter cutoff, or even the ring modulation and frequency modulation amount. This will give you some exciting sounds with complicated timbres and the type of modulation that can barely be replicated by most other virtual analog synthesizers available on the market. It also contains a great selection of built-in effects with a reverb module, a bitcrusher, a delay, and Juno-style dual chorus. Because of its relatively advanced synthesis engine, TAL-NoiseMaker can be utilized to create both classic analog sounds and more complicated patches for use in modern electronic music.

MauSynth by Pekka Kauppila
Best Free Synth Vst Plugins

One fast listen to MauSynth and its set of cutting-edge presets is enough to know that this is the best free synthesizer VST for EDM producers. Its name is, Afterall, a nod to none else than DeadMau5. It contains a relatively simple synthesis architecture, but the thing makes it stand out is its great-sounding individual components. The zero-delay feedback filter and band-limited oscillators offer a better starting point, while the built-in delay effect and stereo unison module take MauSynth’s overall sound to a completely new level. The plugin sounds modern and larger than life. You will be able to notice that various UI options are available for download on its product page.

Kairatune by Futucraft

All the synthesizers plugins that are mentioned in this article thus far were polyphonic. However, Kairatune is a monophonic synth plugin that excels at creating crisp leads, bass sounds, and complicated SFX noises for electronic dance music. The sound engine is improved with a stereo expander, and also the delay and phaser effects that are accountable for the synthesizer’s fat sound. Another strong mono-synth that is worth checking out is Fathom Mono by Seaweed Audio. It is actually a freeware version of the Fathom synthesizer, containing the same state-of-the-art synthesis engine minus the polyphony.

We hope to like and enjoy to read our Best Free Synth VST Plugins that offer to you.


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