The 6 Best VST Instrument Plugins

The landscape of the music industry is readily changing & evolving at a rapid pace. This evolution has brought about positive changes that have completely altered the perception of the music production process. So, a modern recording studio does not have to have a massive ensemble of instrument collection or elaborate recording devices. In fact, the recording setup has become so much more streamlined and technology-driven due to the use of DAWs and VSTs.  Therefore, in this article we round up the best VST instrument plugins available online.

Whether you are a novice or a professional music producer, you need a well-performing laptop or PC; command over your preferred DAW; a bunch of VST plugins that cater to the unique demand of the track in production and a MIDI routing setup. Although, this is just the basic set up that you can build up or beef up as per your preference. One of the most elaborate components of this set up is the selection of VST plugin that the artists choose to add in his arsenal of production tools. 

The VST plugins are broadly categorized into VST effects, VST MIDI effects & VST instruments. VST instrument plugins are software that acts as an alternative to physical instruments. They generate audio as any synthesizer, sampler, or musical instrument (Guitar, brass, harp) would do for you. For the scope of this article, we will focus on the best VST instrument plugins only.

Best VST Instrument Plugins

This article aims to explore the enormous collection of instrumental VST available and find the ones that can be considered as the best based on the performance and supported features. Rather than investing in grand instrument pieces, you have to rummage through your library of VSTs and find the best VST instrument plugins suitable for your track.

1. Bass Master
Best VST Instrument Plugins

If you are into dance & electronic music genre and looking for a VST plugin that adds an absolute grandeur of bass elements in your tracks, then Bass Master is the perfect answer. It is one of those rare plugins that delivers in terms of performance & features and would completely blow you away with its brilliance. The vast preset library with varied articulations, filters, and layers gives you the freedom to attempt multiple bass styles. The simplistic & efficient user interface makes this plugin a perfect option for beginners.


  • Easy to understand user interface.
  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Vast range of available presets.


  • Lack of modulation controls
2. XO
Best VST Instrument Plugins

Another VST instrument on the list is XO plugin. It is a brilliant acoustic drum sampler for designing impactful beats and sounds. Along with a smooth, supportive workflow, this VST has an attractive constellation-like user interface. The constellation interface identified as ‘XO space’ is an organized layout of 8000 one-shot drums & percussions. Creating drum samples & beats with XO is extremely easy and pushes the artists to try new creative variations. Hovering the mouse on constellation plays different sound samples that you can customize and tune to your liking. The plugin, with its intuitive interface and the vast sound library, is a worthy investment for any music producer.


  • Innovative graphic user interface.
  • Extremely easy to create interesting beat due to hover & sweep feature.


  • Steep learning curve
3. EZ Keys Essential Pianos
Best VST Instrument Plugins

EZ Keys Essential Pianos is among the virtual instrument plugins that have been equally lauded by non-pianists and experienced pianists alike for its functionality and detail-orientedness. The plugin includes grand piano, upright pianos and two electric pianos. Therefore, this VST instrument is the ultimate songwriting tool due to the top-notch recording samples that sound magnificent, whether played on stage or in a studio. 

The grand piano is impressive for tackling the classic & iconic sound in your tracks. In contrast, the upright and electric pianos are the perfect fit for producing warm & rich tunes in addition to being suitable for a whole string of diverse genres such as Jazz and funk. The MIDI-enabled performances and export options of tracks to DAW gives the freedom to customize and tweak the sounds.


  • Pianos sound like the real deal
  • MIDI performance allows customization
  • Great for beginners & non-pianists


  • Configuration options for effects are limited
  • Lacks an equalizer


4. Orchestral Companion – Brass
Best VST Instrument Plugins

Adding a touch of brass emulates the classic feel in your tracks but requires authentic & real-sounding sample; otherwise, the record could sound very cheap & unoriginal. The orchestral companion – brass is considered among the most authentic-sounding instrument plugin and includes a full instrument ensemble of the brass family. This multi-layered orchestral ensemble including French horn, tuba & trumpet along with MIDI key switching gives great options for various articulation. With 5 GB worth of sound samples & patches, this VST is a great option to imbibe the classic brass elements in your tracks.


  • Affordable & great value for money
  • Easy to use and beginner friendly


  • Samples lack legato intervals.
5. Native Instruments Komplete 12

The holy grail of VST plugins, Komplete 12, is an agglomeration of best plugins by Native Instruments. NI’s landmark plugins such as Reaktor, the best synth collection; Battery, the best drum sampler out there; Kontakt; the advanced instrument sampler; and much more is offered in a single bundle. Over 52 instruments in the standard version include more-than-amazing drum samplers, modern & classic 80s flavor modulation synthesizers, and a whole range of string, percussions and orchestra libraries are included. Although, Komplete 12 might be pricier, but it adds a diverse ensemble of instruments in your recording toolkit.


  • Access to the best range of instruments
  • Smooth workflow


  • Expensive investment
6. Steinberg Absolute 2
Best VST Instrument Plugins

Steinberg Absolute 2 is the ultimate virtual instruments collection plugin with impeccable sound samples and a massive range of presets. The plugin provides you with all the tools and instruments in your studio toolkit to create the perfectly well-balanced soundtracks. The powerful samplers to synthesizers and instruments such as virtual drums, symphonic orchestra, bass & pad loops provide much needed creative freedom. Whether it’s beat-thumping electronic sounds or classic orchestra & symphonic piano pieces, Steinberg Absolute VST can tackle it all. An intuitive user interface and wide range of instrument selection makes this plugin is a worthy addition to your studio.


  • Unbelievable range of extremely sophisticated instruments.
  • Applies to a wide range of genres.


  • A bit on the pricier side.

The landscape of music has changed, and as an artist and a music producer, you need to be technologically savvy. VST instruments, to a significant extent, has replaced the need for real instruments. Whether it’s a diverse range of drums, keyboards, or string, everything is now available in the comfort of your studios within your Digital Audio Workstation in the form of VST plugins. In short, the VSTi not only saves ample studio space but is also a financially viable solution in the production process. Therefore, in this article, we presented you with the best VST instrument plugins that you can invest in to create remarkable tracks.

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