The 7 Best Compressor Plugins

The compressor is the part of audio mixing where you can control the dynamic range between the quietest part and the most extensive audio signal range. The online plugins have been copying the work of the compressor for years and perfecting the plugins with a lot more new additions for the perfect mic test for your audio to happen. However, in a world where these changes are constant, you would be bewildered to find so many plugins and might get confused about which one correctly do your job. We bring to you some of the most useful plugins that can undoubtedly be termed as proper compressors.

List Of The 7 Best Compressor Plugins:

FabFilter Pro C2

We start our list of Best Compressor Plugins with FabFilter Pro C2

This is a low CPU intensive plugin that can assist you with almost every track during mixing and is extremely useful. This compressor plugin can do nearly everything for your track mixing requirements. There are right compression modes that consist of features like character styles, lookahead gain reduction along with the 4x oversampling, mid/side control, and is also apt for individually controlling the stereo links and pair them with most convenient interface design for the plugin.

Waves SSL G-Master Buss Compressor

Most of the sound engineers prefer to mix their audios with the help of master buss. This is because the engineers are kind of looking for more glue for their audio to combine. The most successful of the compressors in this regard is the SSL 4000 G, and thankfully, the makers of SSL and Waves have come together to emulate the vintage style boards for those who require to glue their audios. For better accuracy, Waves has added an analog hum from the original SSL 4000 G for a better coloration effect. This plugin is to mix the audio with the master bus effect basically, but if you want to experiment with drums or piano, then also the plugin would be able to fulfill your demand.

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Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A

If you require compressing the bass or vocals, then this plugin is your best bet. This hardware compressor comes up with a tube output stage. The LA-2A plugin effect is heard on various records that you hear nowadays, where the beats and vibes are a bit slower. Universal Studios has introduced and rebuilt this legendary compressor along with all of its great sounds modeled into the software. One of the beneficial area where this software can be used when low transients and vocals have to be used. There are three types of variants induced in the compressor. Just like the hardware that was used with Universal before, the plugin also has fewer controls and, thus, fewer complications.

PSP Audioware VintageWarmer2

This plugin comparatively from other plugins offers a lot more, and the tone that the software creates is equally excellent. The software designed by PSP Audioware has created a multi-faceted interface while creating VintageWarmer2. There are three types of operations available to use in this plugin, along with an emulated analog equipment that is undoubtedly an excellent way for mixing and mastering your audios with the help of one of the great compressors. The software has been created to exhibit characteristics like audio tapes when they overloaded. Due to this feature, you can use this software for coloration, saturation, and compression. For an excellent mixing and mastering experience, the appropriate analog processing has been added to this plugin for the convenience of engineers.

Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Kotelnikov

Best Compressor Plugins

This free plugin offers flexibility that the engineers require for the smooth operations of a compressor. You can create tailor-made compressions for your audio mixing. The plugin provides the following features, such as threshold, peak crest, and also working with a soft knee, ratio, attack, and two release durations. The peak crest control can be seen as a blend control to check out what the plugin is reacting to. If the setting is set to higher knobs, then the plugin reacts to the RMS levels, and if the controls are lowered, then you can check the reaction to the peak level. Although the control can only be set for just one feature at a time, be it RMS level or peak level but the ability to blend the two allows for a smooth and configurable reduction.

iZotope Ozone 8 Dynamics

Best Compressor Plugins

This plugin offers the engineers to work with multiband compressors that have advanced functionality extremely useful in mixing and mastering. The software is very famous for its mastering and audio restoration. iZotope has endured providing the users with mixing suites like RX and Ozone, and that is the reason why the plugin has made a name of itself. For your audio work, the tools that have been provided by the suites are second to none. While you are fine-tuning your audio with this plugin, then you can be sure that how you intended your audio to be, you will get favorable results from this software. There is another feature that is called a detection signal that will run over the options on how the incoming signal is going to affect the compressor’s detection algorithms.

Waves CLA-76

Best Compressor Plugins

While you are using CLA-76, you have to be careful about the backward attack and release settings. Nevertheless, this is the most widely used plugins in existence. The software can instill incredibly fast movements and release time because of its FET circuit. The interface has been carefully designed on the lines of controls like analog 1176 and, thus, the name. Another benefit of the plugin is that it can have an analog hum to be added at fifty to sixty cycles if the engineer wants to do so. Because of the software’s ability to fast track and release, the plugin is referred for curating heavy audio sounds such as percussion. This plugin is apt to add a punch that mimics big drum sounds, so if you want to add heavy transient material, CLA-76 is the compressor for you. If you have already used the hardware version before, then it would be more convenient for you to use the software, too, while using the legendary sounds it offers.

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